Maritime Projects Services

As accredited marine surveyors, our credentials and capabilities are proven through the accreditation system under the scrutiny of the Australian marine regulator, AMSA as well our service history with our clients.

Our primary business mission is to provide our clients, an independent assessment of a vessel’s condition, verified with a thorough and easy to understand report of the findings. Thereby allowing for informed decisions for commercial business or private pleasure purposes’, providing the certainty that you are looking for in engaging a marine surveyor. Ultimately saving our clients time and money!

Across both the commercial and private pleasure boat sectors our services include:

  • New vessel construction or refit project support.
  • Vessel construction / refit specifications and contract consultants.
  • Vessel pre-purchase condition survey.
  • Marine Insurance condition and valuation.
  • Australian builders’ plate.
  • Safety Management systems.
  • Galvanic and electrolytic corrosion management & control.
  • Expert witness.
  • Marine incident investigations.
  • Professional Marine Qualifications, mentoring and oral examination preparation.

AMSA categories of surveys

  • b:  Initial survey stability approval. (Simplified stability)
  • d:  Initial survey – extra low voltage.
  • g:  Initial survey construction or alteration hull, deck and superstructure. (Steel, Aluminum & FRP/GRP).
  • h:  Initial survey construction or alteration - machinery.
  • i:  Initial survey construction or alteration load line conditions and markings.
  • j:  Initial survey construction or alteration - equipment.
  • k:  Initial survey construction or alteration - commissioning.
  • l:  Periodic survey.
  • n:  Periodic survey – load line.
  • o:  Survey of safety equipment.
  • p:  Survey of communications equipment.

Maritime New Zealand categories of survey

  • P1r:  Periodic 1r. (Simplified stability)
  • IC1:  Initial construction 1.

Timely, accurate and economical marine surveying services